Among Us

Among Us
March 12th 2012 by Literary Couture Publishing

Everyone has a everyone and past has secrets. That’s an understatement for these three close friends: Fabian Russell, Marcus “Money” Owens, and Patrick Mason.

Fabian Russell reaches the very best of his game with a lovely woman on his arms and a booming business. He decides to consider the next phase in his love life by getting down one knee and popping the question. His woman, Leslie, couldn’t be happier, but there is certainly a very important factor that she doesn’t find out about her beau.

Marcus Owens, a pimp unintentionally, with a loyal bottom bitch, Mercedes, and dollars for days wants only to stack his paper. Marcus has a weakness for young, tender women with pretty faces. He’s easily enticed when Cinnamon walked through his door seeking to be under his “management”. He does not have any idea what trouble include her.

Patrick Mason, a smooth talking, pretty boy, who thinks he gets the world and women all determined. He lives recklessly from bed to bed with zero intentions of slowing. He meets Nicole, a female determined to make him the person he never wished to be.

When Nicole learns a secret that Patrick shares along with his two close friends Marcus and Fabian she actually is appalled, but it doesn’t kill the obsession she's with him. Nicole uses the trick to her advantage threatening to ruin the lives of the friends and the ladies they value.

Three Men…the women who obsess over them and love secret.