Bird of Prey: A Horror Novella

Bird of Prey: A Horror Novella
October 26th 2011 by Trebor Books

Nestled in the warm belly of the abandoned Keisel Steel Works, a historical creature has begun to stir. A one-hundred-year cycle is drawing to an instant close and with it enough time when the beast must lead her newly hatched young to the feeding grounds.

A handful of the oldest folks around understand that time well. A right time when the sky was clotted with flapping, leathery monsters and wings driven mad by the smell of human blood. They know of the feeding grounds also. They know them as the backyards where their kids play and the streets of the tiny Alaskan town they call home.

Buck Sanders didn’t know any of this your day he attained the steel works to pilfer a length of siding for the roof of his crumbling bar. And neither did his friend Tommy Hodgkins. However they are possibly the only ones who are able to stop a curse that is playing out for years and years. On the line is more than their lives. On the line is everything.