Can't Stand the Heat

Can't Stand the Heat
March 1st 2010 by Red Sage Presents

From the brief moment Marissa met Billy when she was hired as his Sous Chef, she found everything about him delicious. Between his tall, muscular frame, his thick black hair and his piercing blue eyes, she couldn't resist her hunger for him. His Crepes Suzette weren't too bad, either! They created memorable dishes in the kitchen of the Savannah gourmet restaurant where they worked and finally memorable heat in the bedroom as well. After many years, though, Billy's dependence on gambling destroyed the rely upon their relationship. When the marriage went sour, he left Savannah and visited just work at their boss's Atlanta restaurant. A year the owner closed the Atlanta location later, and in the nick of your time for Billy. Before he leaves Atlanta, his bookie turns up demanding Billy settle his debts. When Billy explains he does not have the money, the bookie's henchman roughs him up. Billy swears he's starting a fresh job and can have the money soon. He is knocked by the men out. When he awakens, he starts toward Savannah, but quickly realizes he's lost his cellular phone. Not giving very much thought, he buys another, then continues on his way to Savannah to reclaim his old job and his ex-wife. When he turns up on Marissa's doorstep looking to stay there, she's furious, although deep down, she finds him just like tasty as ever. When she sees Billy is injured, though, she relents and allows him to remain. Knowing she will not be in a position to resist him for long, she insists they compete for the relative head Chef job, than work together on a long lasting basis rather. Their boss calls and explains a magazine food critic will be paying the restaurant a surprise visit soon. He asks that they work rather than compete together, but Marissa assures him the competition provides out their creative best. The boss then sweetens the pot with a ten thousand dollar bonus to the winner. Since that's the amount Billy owes his bookie, he's more determined than ever before to win. If he wins, he can proceed along with his life. He wants to give up gambling and reunite with Marissa truly, but will the demons from his past allow him to reclaim what he lost? As Billy and Marissa crank up the competition in the kitchen, the extreme attraction gets hotter as well. Marissa softens her resolve, but can she trust him never to fall back to the destructive behavior that sank their relationship the last time? To My Readers: After a recently available visit to Savannah, I used to be inspired to create a tale there and draw on the rich southern tradition that means it is such an enchanting place. Billy and Marissa were characters dying to turn out and play. What better playground when compared to a gourmet restaurant in the heart of the historic district where anything can be done.