The City Heroes and Other Stories from the Heart of Africa

The City Heroes and Other Stories from the Heart of Africa
February 2012 by Open Books

During tale time vacation to the center of Africa tonight.

Make new friends including a mess of felines known as The City Heroes usually. Follow a pair of jungle ants as they rescue their friend from a raging storm. Label plus a nationwide country guy as he hunts outrageous wild birds to get ready a feast for his dad’s entrance. Understand the true meaning of charity and mercy whenever a stranger is captured stealing eggs from a farmer. Help an infant named Thomas find his way home after he strays from his father’s boat. Follow Blaize and his newfound dog friend Thatcher as they thwart a group of kidnappers in Blaize and the Professional of Enchantment.

Amazingly illustrated pictures help inform all six tales including The populous city Heroes, The Jungle Ants, The national country Boy, Stranger on the Plantation, Baby Blaize and Thomas and the Professional of Enchantment. Encounter adventures away from wildest dreams, find out about the beautiful country of Nigeria, and observe how easy and how fun it is to find out about a fresh culture in the heart of Africa.

The City Heroes and other tales from the Heart of Africa by Nigerian article writer Omoruyi Uwuigiaren is a perfect launch for young visitors to find out about the African experience. Ideal for middle grade visitors, the tales within the collection contain text messages and styles about forgiveness, charity, redemption and devotion all from a decidedly African perspective.