Deconstructing Jesus

Deconstructing Jesus
March 1st 2000 by Prometheus Books

After greater than a century of New Testament scholarship, it is becoming clear that the Jesus of the gospels is a fictive amalgam, reflecting the hopes and beliefs of the first Christian community and revealing hardly any about the historical Jesus. On the millennia because the beginning of Christianity various congregations, from fundamentalist to liberal, have tended to make a Jesus figurehead that functions as a symbolic cloak for his or her specific theological agendas.
Through intensive research and fresh textual insights Robert M. Price paves just how for a fresh reconstruction of Christian origins. Moving beyond the task of Burton L. John and mack Dominic Crossan on Jesus movements and Christ cults, which shows the way the various Jesus figures may have amalgamated in to the patchwork savior of Christian faith, Price takes a forward thinking approach. He links the task of F.C. Baur, Walter Bauer, Helmut Koester, and James M. Robinson with this of early Christ-myth theorists-two camps of biblical analysis which have never communicated.
Arguing that Jesus never existed as a historical figure perhaps, Price maintains an agnostic stance, while putting many puzzles and scholarly debates in a fresh light.
He also includes neglected parallels from Islam, the Baha'i Faith, and Buddhism. Deconstructing Jesus offers a valuable bridge between New Testament scholarship and early freethinkers in a refreshing cross-fertilization of perspectives.