A Firm Husband (Wyoming Heat #1)

A Firm Husband (Wyoming Heat #1)
May 26th 2012 by Blushing Books

Clara Sutton feels trapped on her behalf pa's Buffalo, Wyoming ranch, so she runs off to board the Union Pacific Railroad in Cheyenne. She'll find a good town on the east coast, a long way away from all the suitors she dislikes and glimpse the world outside Wyoming. But her plan falls to pieces when the strict, and handsome equally, William Davies ruins her travel plans.

Resisting Mr. Davies charms is a challenge, specially when Clara learns he's her pa's new foreman. Because they await the stagecoach bound for Buffalo, Clara discovers that William won't hesitate to manage a difficult spanking to her bare bottom when she misbehaves. As sparks fly and Clara's feelings towards William soften, he proposes marriage. However when a guy is shot in Cheyenne and an urgent passenger boards the stagecoach bound for Buffalo, their happiness is threatened by the rancher disputes in Johnson County.

Book Length: 6 chapters / 22,834 words