Gilbert the Great

Gilbert the Great
February 1st 2005 by Sterling

Critically lauded bestselling artist Charles Fuge (MY FATHER Sometimes I love to RELAX in a Ball A Rhino is known by me Found You Little Wombat! It's a Monster Party) returns with a fresh, beautifully illustrated picture book on a topic that each child can relate with: how it feels to truly have a buddy move away.

Almost every child knows what it's prefer to move or even to have a pal move away. With his dazzling undersea pictures in vibrant colors and a text filled with heart and wit, Charles Fuge captures that sad feeling perfectly--and offers plenty of comfort, too. Since Gilbert the Great White Shark was a little pup, Raymond the Remora stuck to him like glue. Them, 1 day, Gilbert wakes to find his friend has left town to live somewhere new. "It's my fault," the little shark wails. "The other day I called him a sucker!" Nothing can console Gilbert: not his mother, not the funny clownfish, not his kind friends at school. He meets Rita then, a disconsolate remora that has lost her shark. "I'd like to hang in there with you," she smiles, as sunlight dances in her eyes. Which is the start of a lovely new friendship.
It's another Charles Fuge winner.

Praise for Charles Fuge's Picture Books:

I Know a Rhino:

"[A] vivid rhyming picture book. The scenarios are bright fun, and the ending is specially satisfying. This is a nice read-aloud for small children."--Booklist

"Fuge's bright, silly and warmhearted illustrations fill each spread....The playful, rhythmic text and bold pictures get this to a surefire storytime hit. "--School Library Journal

Sometimes I love to RELAX in a Ball:

"Buoyant and darling, charming and fun. This simple picture book could keep kids hopping."--School Library Journal.

"Fuge relishes the chance to show each [character] striving for an extremely idiosyncratic personal best."--Publishers Weekly.

It's a Monster Party

"Fuge's colorfully imaginative illustrations make these lonely creatures endearing."--School Library Journal