GPP Reader

GPP Reader
May 2011 by GPP Press

Selections from 30 of the poets of the Guerilla Poetics Project.

Presenting work by such underground luminaries as David Barker, barrett justin, Luis C. Berriozabal, JJ Cambell, Alan Catlin, Leonard J. Cirino, Glenn W Cooper, Christopher Cunningham, Soheyl Dahi, Dave Donovan, Doug Draime, Nathan Graziano, S.A. Griffin, Christopher Harter, Richard Krech, Mike Kriesel, Ellaraine Lockie, Adrian Manning, Hosho McCreesh, Brian McGettrick, Amanda Oaks, Bob Pajich, Kathleen Paul-Flanagan, Michael Phillips, Sam Pierstorff, C. Allen Rearick, Charles P. Ries, Ross Runfola, William Taylor, Jr., and Don Winter, the GPP Reader provides the most effective in small press poetry.

GPP Poets and Operatives have smuggled over 50 covertly,000 beautiful, letterpress broadsides into libraries and bookstores worldwide, and also have been discussed in the Wasatch Journal, Utne Reader, Poets