Grandberry Falls Box Set (Grandberry Falls #1-3)

Grandberry Falls Box Set (Grandberry Falls #1-3)
November 9th 2012 by MagiCal Press

Meet up with the women of the greatest SELLING Grandberry Falls series in this box set that has the first three novels in the series.

Celia Briggs has always lived her life for everybody but herself. Using the death of Celia’s mom, Celia realizes life is too short never to follow her dreams. In her small town of Grandberry Falls, Kentucky-Celia decides to start, The Ladybug Florist, which is fitting due to her love of flowers and ladybugs.
How can she not love ladybugs? Her deceased grandfather said ladybugs bring luck and love always.

Marty Briggs, Celia’s father, never dreamed his life as Grandberry Falls, Kentucky’s only flower delivery boy is harder than the work he’s retired from.

Sam Barber jumps in his car leaving his Hollywood life behind. He didn’t know stopping in the cozy town of Grandberry Falls, was going to change his life forever. Especially after answering the assistance wanted ad in the Ladybug Florist and giving a fake name so nobody would recognize him.

Celia knows something is up Sam’s sleeve. Why would a guy want to provide flowers? Marty doesn’t care, he’s just pleased to be retired-again.
Will Celia ever find out Sam’s true identity? Does Sam reveal the best family secret Celia’s parents have kept from her all her life?
Celia’s about to discover if ladybugs are lucky or a jinx?

There is nothing cozier than winters in Grandberry Falls.

Interior decorator and divorced mom, Liz Day, is living her dream by checking The Mole Hole Interiors. Life couldn't be better with closest friend Jenna Greenlee and boyfriend, Cole Michaels by her side. Until she discovers a deep secret between Jenna and Cole that changes the lives in Grandberry Falls.

Jenna vows to help make the new year, the start of a fresh life... a HAPPY NEW LEASE OF LIFE!

Superstition: Noun
1. An irrational belief due to ignorance or fear.
2. Circumstances under which Maggie Greenlee lives her life.

Maggie’s life revolves around superstition. Never walk under a ladder, don’t let a black cat cross your way, Maggie’s favorite, toss a pinch of salt over your shoulder once and for all luck, are staples Granny taught her. However the biggie, never tell your dreams before breakfast, is the main one Maggie is sure can be an old wive’s tell. But after Maggie hears that someone had a dream that Maggie was left at the altar, before breakfast-no less! -Maggie pulls out all the superstitious stops to make that dream not become a reality.

Until her fiance breaks off their engagement and she loses her job... all in a single week.

Maggie dates back to Grandberry Falls where Granny's sweat tea and the annual Jubilee is merely the cure she needs. Only everyone appears to be keeping a secret from her.

Mayor Mitch Dozier is busy focusing on the eminent domain case against Maggie's granny's farm. Maggie's granny insists that Maggie doesn't learn about the situation, and Maggie is a distraction he doesn't need.His heart was broken once by Maggie Greenlee. He won't allow it happen again.

Will Maggie and Mitch discover that the future of Grandberry Falls depends upon them?