Myths in Stone: Religious Dimensions of Washington, D.C.

Myths in Stone: Religious Dimensions of Washington, D.C.
February 13th 2001 by University of California Press

Washington, D.C., is a city of powerful symbols-from the dominance of the Capitol dome and Washington Monument to the authority of the Smithsonian. This book takes us on a remarkable and informative tour of the country's capital as Jeffrey F. Meyer unravels the complex symbolism of the town and explores its meaning for our national consciousness. Meyer finds that religious and mythic themes pervade the capital-in its original planning, in its monumental architecture, and in the ritualized events which have taken place on the 200 years the town has been the repository for the symbolism of the country.

As Meyer tours the city's famous axial layout, he discusses many historical events and figures, compares Washington to other great cities of the global world such as Beijing and Berlin, and discusses this is and history of its architecture and many works of art. Treating Washington, D.C., as a complex religious center, Meyer finds that the town functions as a unifying component in American consciousness. This written book changes just how we take a look at Washington, D.C., today and offer a provocative new go through the meaning of religion in America. It will be considered a valuable companion for those planing a trip to this city that was envisioned from its inception as the guts of the world.