Not a Word

Not a Word
March 3rd 2013 by Createspace

I’m saying that I’m not going to trash someone else’s reputation in a futile try to restore mine. Everyone would believe her. Why shouldn’t they? It’s the only lie she’s ever told in her life probably. Is actually the lie that ruined mine just.

Words have power. Add a solid reputation behind those expressed words, plus they have the charged capacity to destroy.

It started with a lie.

Mac’s life changed with a false accusation irrevocably. Blissfully unacquainted with the carnage she left out when she moved from Brant’s Corners, Savannah Forrester is back so when Mac sees her at church-with a boy-he wants answers.

For eight years he’s lived under the cloud of her accusations-without defending himself. She was kept by him secret. He endured the shame and the life-altering consequences.

Savannah can set the record straight. Mac says no. The best question remains: what's best for Rory.

And who's Rory anyway?